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You can customize your auction site the way you want. SimpleAuction allows you the capability to change the colors, page layout as well as other administrative preferences.

Your Online Auction Site:

  • Privately Branded: Embed online auction platform on your website with your logos and colors.
  • Timed Online Auctions: Host internet-only auctions for a set period of time (e.g. two weeks) and enable bidders to place bids.
  • Virtual Studio Auctions: Hold live auctions off-site with a live auctioneer to an internet-only audience.
  • Pre-Bid Auctions: Enable bidders to submit absentee bids in a timed-online auction format.
  • Blind Auctions: Conduct blind auctions either live or via the internet
  • Sealed Bid Auctions: Accept sealed bids via the internet.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing: Accept credit cards to verify bidders' identities, accept deposits, & process payments online.
  • Multiple Configurations: Hundreds of configurations to design your auction to fit your needs

User Features

  • Optional 15, 30, 60 minute extension ending rule by either lot OR auction
  • Place Online Bids (or you can administratively bid for non-internet users)
  • Manage their own Account
  • Watch items they are interested in to stay informed of the lot action
  • Keep track of all their winning and losing bids in one place
  • Search by lot number, title or description
  • View Items by thumbnail, lot number, price or category
  • Place auto or straight bids
  • Place items on a watchlist
  • Receive automated bid and outbid email notifications
  • View previous auction history
  • Multiple catalog sort options
  • Users can view invoices online along with the status of their order
  • View catalog and bid from any mobile device

Admin Features

  • Have up to 12 images and one video per lot
  • View and edit user account details
  • Shipping automatically calculated
  • Automatically or manually initiate and end auctions
  • Create multiple simultaneous auctions or sessions
  • Approve and Register bidders
  • Edit and format lot descriptions using Microsoft Word-like functionality (including spell-check)
  • Create unlimited categories & Sub-categories
  • View and sort lots, bids and users of your auction
  • Generate multiple invoices that allow you to track all aspects of your bidders and consigners
  • Configure multiple payment options including Credit Card and Paypal
  • View multiple reports of auction activity
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Generate email lists and send mass emails
  • Create mailing lists from user data
  • Flip unsold lots between auctions

Timed-Online Auctions/Pre-Bid Auctions

  • Place Your Bid: Straight and ceiling bids are accepted.
  • Bidding Extension: Auction closing time extends per your configuration (5, 10, 15 min etc…) at the end of a sale if two or more bidders are bidding.
  • Watch This Item: Lots can be tracked for future bidding.
  • Photos: Auctioneer can upload up to 12 photos of each lot.
  • Import Engine: Auctioneer can bulk upload lots and images using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and ftp file for photos instead of one-by-one.
  • Reports: Auctioneer can obtain end of sale reports.

Live Auctions / Virtual Auctions

  • Bidding on Assets: You can bid on lots at live auctions from anywhere.
  • Or Bidding: Auction up to 20 lots at once and give the winning bidder the choice to purchase from 1 up to 20 lots.
  • Floor Override: Allow auctioneer to choose to accept a floor bid instead of an internet bid if both bids are received simultaneously.
  • View Auction Catalog: View all lots for sale - lot information and up to 12 photos. View Current Purchases: Bidders can view their purchases and the amount that they have spent during an auction.
  • Bulk Import Engine: Auctioneer can bulk upload lots and images using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Auction Management System

SimpleAuctionSite offers a full range of auction house software solutions, this is designed to help our auction house partners work more effectively and efficiently. From simple software solutions to run your sale, to enterprise-sized database systems that can manage inventory, accounts, catalog subscriptions, CRM and more, we can tailor a system to fit your needs and your budget. In addition, SimpleAuctionSite can provide you with your own custom website, or add a plug-and-play online catalog system to your existing website that can import your sale data, or be fully integrated with your SimpleAuctionSite auction house management system.


Catalog by Barcode Images

In short, it’s a super-fast way to build an auction. You can pre-print barcode labels from within Simple Auction, affix the label to the lot, and then take a picture of the lot label. Now you can take as many subsequent pictures of the lot as required. Repeat this process for each lot. When you plug that camera (or memory card) into your computer Simple Auction will read the barcodes from the images and import all the non-barcode images into the correct lots automatically (no manual entry required).

Auction Clerking

On-site clerking:
SimpleAuction has a group of software implementers who travel to an on-site auction at clients’ requests to assist the setting up of the webcast system and the clerking of the auction.

Remote clerking:
If the auctioneer is short-staffed or needs assistance running the webcast technology, SimpleAuction can provide remote clerks who can help clients clerk auction sales remotely over a telephone line.

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