Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I need to install anything?
No, our system is web based and can be accessed anywhere.

Is there mobile capability?
Yes, our software can be used on any mobile device.

Can I run simultaneous auctions?
Yes, you can run as many auctions simultaneously as you wish.

Do you offer 24/7 support?
Yes, you will have access to either telephone or email support 24/7.

Does your software allow for extended bidding?
Yes, you can extend bidding by lot or by auction. You are able to customize the extension time to your specifications.

Do you support consigner commission?
Yes, we support percentage and sliding scales.

Can I assign lots as featured?
Yes, you can display featured lots on your website homepage. You can also assign featured lots to a specific featured lots category.

Can I allow only certain bidders to bid on certain lots?
Yes, you can create premium bidders and set up premium lots that only they can bid on.

Am I able to add more lots after an auction has started?
Yes, you can continue to add lots through the duration of the auction.

Can I control bid increments?
Yes, you can configure specifically how your lots will increment.

Can I require a bidder to have bid by a certain time in order to participate in extended bidding?
Yes, we have bid by option available. You can either require that they bid in the auction or on a specific lot to participate in extended bidding.

Can I extend only lots that have competition?
Yes. You can configure your auction to extend only those lots that have two or more unique bids. All other lots would close.

Will I know how much to pay my consigners?
Yes, we will display exactly what you owe your consigner and when to pay. We wait for your bidder to pay first and then display what amount to pay your consigners.

Can I email invoices to winners?
Yes, with one click of a button you can email all the winners their invoices.

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