Our Auction and Ecommerce Products


SimpleAuction can transition your current online auction to our system or enables you to replace your manual auction process with a user-friendly web-based system. You design the auction unique to your rules with an easy-to-use interface.
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SimpleStore enables you to make your inventory available for sale on-line. There is no limit to the number of listings and it takes just a few minutes to add additional items to your site whenever you need.
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SimpleSite involves our design process of working with you to create an original, static website design mock-up of exactly how your homepage and website will look. Next, we get your feedback, make revisions as needed, then develop the new design into a fully-functional e-commerce or auction website. Our html and css code is W3C compliant and we offer mobile-responsive development that will ensure that your site operates smoothly on all smart phones, tablets, and modern browsers. We can also add additional features to your pre-existing site.
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Global Store Inventory Management

SimpleSynch integration is a a product that allows you to sync the contents of your inventory to multiple markets including eBay, Amazon, Beckett Marketplace, and more. SimpleSynch allows you to upload, through Simple Auction Site, up to 1,500,000 items per day to your eBay marketplace. With this integration, you will be able to list the same items on both your own website and eBay at the same time. When an item sells, inventory quantities on both sites are automatically adjusted accordingly. When inventory sells out, then the item is automatically removed from both systems as well. You can also use our tool to manage your multiple eBay User ID's.

SimpleAuction brings together a turn-key auction solution at an affordable price that is supported by a team of talented individuals for your organization's continued success. Our team specializes in developing, designing, hosting, and supporting online auction web sites, e-commerce websites, store inventories and constant, multi-channel inventory synch.

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